Sometimes I draw on a napkin during Christmas dinner and then my dad puts the napkin away in a drawer:
Doodles on my napkin during Christmas dinner 2012













And sometimes I draw on napkins with Darrel in the Hebrides (the blissful sleeping seal is his, and then there was the kite):
Seals drawn on napkin by Daisy and DarrelOther times I draw on napkins with Becky in Paris:
Napkin drawn in ParisNapkin drawn by Becky Palmer and DaisyNapkin drawn by Becky Palmer and DaisyAll those times are good times.

London Sketchbook Challenge

I have put a few of my Tiny houses into this open exhibition (scroll down to London Sketchbook Challenge) at Foyles on Charing Cross Road, because it sounded like a nice project. They asked people to submit sketches of London, but particularly of more obscure/unexpected bits so it shouldn’t be all bridges and gherkins. Below is Finsbury Park. I haven’t been yet but I think they intended to just plaster the gallery walls with little drawings. It’s on until the 12th of August.
Playground, finsbury park