A book launch for Hamish

Hamish takes the Train had a joint book launch at Gosh! London with Maisie Paradise Shearring’s very brilliant I’m Actually Really Grown-Up Now and Kate Read’s beautiful debut One Fox (all three are published by Two Hoots). For some reason we did a lot of signing while standing up, and being stripey (this is me and Maisie).
We also did some signing sitting down (this time with Kate in the middle).
And amazingly, some other people turned up too! These are really excellent people, we like them a lot. It was nice that the Two Hoots owl could make it too.

Thanks to EVERYONE for coming and to Gosh! and Two Hoots – and thanks Mauricio @molizane for the photos!

Published today: Hamish takes the train!

Hamish takes the train is the story of a bear who wants to see the world and of his friend Noreen, a goose. It’s about trains and cranes and friendship and pizza and is available now from Two Hoots Books.

This book has been many years in the making – it took us a long time to decide how I should make the illustrations and in the end they look quite different to the screenprints in my other books. Hamish is illustrated with pencil drawings and black ink washes, coloured and assembled in photoshop. There are more images of the book and of the processes behind it on my Instagram but here is a gif of the layers building up and a picture of some of the ink washes:


Alphonse, there's mud on the ceiling!Even if I get to keep making books for years and years and years, I can’t imagine that receiving advance copies of a new book will ever stop being REALLY EXCITING. This is my third Natalie and Alphonse story: it’s about mud and sticks, living in a flat in the city and being wild. The best place to hear more about the book is probably on my Instagram.

ALPHONSE, THERE’S MUD ON THE CEILING! will be published by Walker Books UK on the 6th of June. Links to editions in other languages will be on the Books page.