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Natalie and Alphonse’s Books
From I Do Not Like Books Anymore!

In I Do Not Like Books Anymore! Natalie and Alphonse decide to make their own books, which we see on the endpapers. The only problem is, we don’t get to read the stories or find out why Eric Goes to Sea, what’s so magic about The Magic Pigeon or what exactly Natalie and Alphonse’s Emergency is!
When the book came out I ran some workshops where children made up some wonderful stories to go inside Natalie and Alphonse’s books. I made blank books (with only front covers) for children to complete, using a simple foldable template. Someone on Instagram suggested I post the pdfs online for people to download and print, so here they are! You can also download folding instructions below.

Of course I’d LOVE to see what you come up with! Find me on Instagram or Twitter or through my Facebook page.

Bears and Jelly
Natalie and Alphonse’s Emergency
Eric Goes to Sea
The Magic Pigeon
Natalie in Space
Where are all the Peas?
Tomato and the Chair
Whale goes Shopping

Folding Instructions

Animal Headbands
From The Girl with the Parrot on her Head

When my first book, The Girl with the Parrot on her Head, was published, I did lots of workshops where children could decide what kind of animal they’d like on their heads – and then make it and wear it (above are the very excellent Girl with the Bat on her Head and Girl with the Tasmanian Devil on her Head).

I made an activity sheet with instructions, still available from Walker Books’ PictureBookParty site.