Blood, sweat, giraffes, Christmouse

I thought this project might kill me AND never get done, but here it sort-of is, a handprinted book about giraffes. It’s not how it was meant to be at all (apart from the cover) as I have never done this sort of screen-printing before, drawing onto drafting film to make the positive for the light blue layer, and it kept being under- or over-exposed so it’s all patchy and weird. But, it is some giraffes on some paper and that is something to hand in for my MA, maybe I will have another go after my deadline.
A handprinted book about giraffes

Ooh, in other news, LOAf is now available from Etsy, and is in the window of Foyles, where also our MA show will be from the 4th to the 9th of February. Also, HAPPY CHRISTMOUSE!
Mice from an advent calendar I made ages ago


Guinea pigs

I am drawing, honestly, only sometimes I am drawing with cake. These were for a lovely wedding with a ‘bring cake’ arrangement – an excellent scheme which produced a great variety and quantity of cake. How many times can I use the word ‘cake’ in this paragraph? Cake. Would you believe there is NO food colouring in the icing? Raspberry juice just is that pink. Cake.

Guinea pigs made of raspberry cake with pink raspberry icing

Monster print

Here is some fabric screen printing my brother and me did the other Wednesday, we also did t-shirts for him but he has taken them away and worn them so here is just mine and a bag made of pillow case. It was veryfun so now I am getting the stuff to do paper screen printing. I am also thinking of inventing a tiny free magazine (I don’t mean hand-printing it), but if I only get to do it once is it still a magazine?

Screen printed monster