Sometimes I draw on a napkin during Christmas dinner and then my dad puts the napkin away in a drawer:
Doodles on my napkin during Christmas dinner 2012













And sometimes I draw on napkins with Darrel in the Hebrides (the blissful sleeping seal is his, and then there was the kite):
Seals drawn on napkin by Daisy and DarrelOther times I draw on napkins with Becky in Paris:
Napkin drawn in ParisNapkin drawn by Becky Palmer and DaisyNapkin drawn by Becky Palmer and DaisyAll those times are good times.

What happens in the Outer Hebrides

Whilst on holiday in the Small Isles, Inner and Outer Hebrides, I saw a lot of beasts. I did draw them a bit, but mostly retrospectively on napkins, bus timetables etc. This is not exactly what I saw happening on Eriskay – more a kind of summary of the day’s events:
Seal with large kite

I was going to say that the two images below did not represent my recent experiences in this way, but actually, the one on the left pretty much happened last week, except that the mouse himself was not at home when I opened the drawer.
Mouse in drawer and monsters eating a banana etc