COMING not very SOON: a book!

Apparently I am delivering my first book to its publisher tomorrow, so I thought it might be time to say I have a publisher. Walker will publish The Girl with the Parrot on her Head in 2015, which is just grand and the luckiest thing. It does not make me feel like this:
The Girl with the Parrot on her Head carrying a monsterI haven’t written on here about this story since January 12th, 2012 when I handed its first incarnation in for marking as part of my MA. I re-started work on it with Walker last February and it has been dead innerestin turning it into an Actual Book. It even has endpapers – though they are of course inferior to John Burningham’s Avocado Baby masterpieces, which are my favourite ever. I am going to miss Parrot Head, especially this colour parrot red:
Colours used in The Girl with the Parrot on her head

Some monsters are late

Three and a half days until my MA deadline and the monsters are still coming. Witney from Monster Colours is a…
White monsterand these ones from Monster Food are trouble:
Monsters who eat money

Evie from Monster Clothes is in progress, and I guess she should probably be my last print before the Photoshopping and scalpelling and making of dummy books. Today’s most debilitating dilemma was: which of the three on the left is Evie?
Which monster is Evie?I chose the leftmost one eventually, with assistance – but this is really no time for arriving threefold.