Sizo and Loris and the very good cake

I am so overwhelmed by this stunning birthday cake from my good friend Love & Cake, featuring Sizo (from Sizo and Dad and the no good house) in my boat Loris.  We already ate the ocean, which sounds like something The Tiger Who Came to Tea might do. It tasted infinitely much better than oceans usually do.
Cake by Love and Cake


I just picked up some new party invitations which I illustrated for Earlybird. The invitations are quite small so not all of the cats and pirates I drew made it into print. This may be why the cat-band’s frontman is displeased: as you will see below, his percussionists have gone off without him. Now, who’s going to finish my dissertation so we can have a party?
five-piece band of cats

party invitations for Earlybird


Guinea pigs

I am drawing, honestly, only sometimes I am drawing with cake. These were for a lovely wedding with a ‘bring cake’ arrangement – an excellent scheme which produced a great variety and quantity of cake. How many times can I use the word ‘cake’ in this paragraph? Cake. Would you believe there is NO food colouring in the icing? Raspberry juice just is that pink. Cake.

Guinea pigs made of raspberry cake with pink raspberry icing