The Tollgoat comic

The Tollgoat is a 6-page comic about a troll called Enid and a goat called Ian, with a 5-page bonus feature on trolls who look like their bridges.

Enid lives under a mossy stone bridge somewhere in the Welsh Marches, waiting for goats to trip-trap over her bridge – except they never do trip-trap over the bridge anymore and Enid has almost given up hope.

I made this for ELCAF in 2016 – when I was living in beautiful Herefordshire like a lonely troll, missing London, so it’s about that too.

The Toll Goat is digitally printed as a concertina or z-fold zine. The artwork is pen and ink with coloured ink.

You can buy The Toll Goat in my shop (although I will need to print more IMMINENTLY).

Tollgoat cover