Monster print

Here is some fabric screen printing my brother and me did the other Wednesday, we also did t-shirts for him but he has taken them away and worn them so here is just mine and a bag made of pillow case. It was veryfun so now I am getting the stuff to do paper screen printing. I am also thinking of inventing a tiny free magazine (I don’t mean hand-printing it), but if I only get to do it once is it still a magazine?

Screen printed monster

2 thoughts on “Monster print

  1. Whaat? A magazine? Sounds thebest. What you gonna put in it?

    I’m about to do the worldofproper shop. Can you get some product ready please fenks? xx

  2. Oh yknow like puzzles and a poem and a story and how to make a thing, the stuff that is in magazines, except the diets and the adverts and the look who’s getting out of a car. Some product my son? ¿Qué es?

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