Imminent Pip

As threatened, I have made a tiny magazine for kids: I have called it Pip and demanded that many copies be delivered to my house. The plan then is to leave little heaps of it in libraries etc and hope that some actual children end up reading it. I have learnt many things, such as that collage is not a sensible medium for representing trees whose apples are 2mm in diameter.

Cover of Pip issue 1I’ve wanted to make a little magazine for ages as they seem to be either too branded and by-numbers, or too expensive (Anorak, Okido, etc). I particularly wanted to do it now as something more bitty and throwaway after my three-month attempt to achieve consistency in drawing Sizo’s head.

If you have Pip and you are SURE you want the puzzle answers, here are the puzzle answers.

Sizo and Dad

Sizo and Dad were flying a kite on a hill above their house when they saw a hot air balloon. ‘What’s that rocking around in the basket Sizo?’ asked Dad, Sizo thought it was an ‘ELEPHANT!’

Ballooning/elephant on house incident

Above is the text from the spread before this one (this one is wordless). There is some more from Sizo and Dad and the no good house in the Llamas section. Clearly, Sizo and Dad are not llamas but yellow mammals of indeterminate species – I am making one at the moment and they seem to be made of velour.