Darrel goes to the gallery

This monster Darrel, from Monster Clothes, didn’t make it to Foyles Gallery until yesterday because I had some trouble with his dress. So then he had to come on the bus to work with me:
Monster in dress on public transport














Then we did some admin:
 And finally, made it to Foyles just in time to meet the other Darrel (that’s his hand):
Thanks everybody else who’s been to see too! Tis open til 5pm Saturday, more details on the MA show website.


Come see us at Foyles

The graduation show for our MA in Children’s Book Illustration will be at Foyles Charing Cross Road from the 4th to the 9th of February. I am hugely pleased my monsters got voted onto the flyer:
MA show invite with monstersThere should be lots to see as there are almost 40 of us exhibiting, showing pictures on walls, dummy books to pick up and read, sketchbooks, portfolios, 3D models and toys. Here’s a website to show how various and splendid it will be. Hope to see you in Foyles!

Some monsters are late

Three and a half days until my MA deadline and the monsters are still coming. Witney from Monster Colours is a…
White monsterand these ones from Monster Food are trouble:
Monsters who eat money

Evie from Monster Clothes is in progress, and I guess she should probably be my last print before the Photoshopping and scalpelling and making of dummy books. Today’s most debilitating dilemma was: which of the three on the left is Evie?
Which monster is Evie?I chose the leftmost one eventually, with assistance – but this is really no time for arriving threefold.

Blood, sweat, giraffes, Christmouse

I thought this project might kill me AND never get done, but here it sort-of is, a handprinted book about giraffes. It’s not how it was meant to be at all (apart from the cover) as I have never done this sort of screen-printing before, drawing onto drafting film to make the positive for the light blue layer, and it kept being under- or over-exposed so it’s all patchy and weird. But, it is some giraffes on some paper and that is something to hand in for my MA, maybe I will have another go after my deadline.
A handprinted book about giraffes

Ooh, in other news, LOAf is now available from Etsy, and is in the window of Foyles, where also our MA show will be from the 4th to the 9th of February. Also, HAPPY CHRISTMOUSE!
Mice from an advent calendar I made ages ago