Jam Today Logo

Jam Today is a new venture by my partner, Becky Palmer and me. We’ve been making things and drawing together for 10 years (ish) now and Jam Today is a home for our collaborative work. We have all manner of dreams but also a one-year-old, no time and almost no functioning brain cells between us. So we’re starting small with some Christmas cards and the promise of more to come.

You may recognise my cards as they’re designs I’ve sold before in my own shop. The Jam Today versions are a little different in that they’re printed on recycled card and come with recycled (but still Christmassy red) envelopes. Becky’s cards have never been sold online before, so snap em up is my 100% unbiased advice (but she is amazing though).

You can visit Jam Today Press on Etsy and follow our new Instagram. If you don’t already you should also obviously follow Becky who, apart from anything else, can actually really draw. Even horses.