My only recent comics are these jam comics with Becky Palmer.

Covers of LOAf magazineMy comic Lesley and Marvin and the Llamas de Muerte appeared in the first issue of LOAf (about fears); Bats to the Future followed in Issue 2 (friends). LOAf is for sale online at Etsy and at shops in London, Cambridge, Bristol, Paris and elsewhere (stockists on the right-hand side of the LOAf blog) and features many better mans than me.

Cover of Pip issue 1Pip is a little magazine for children which I made and got printed to give away free in libraries near my home. Almost all my paper copies went but you can read it here: Pip Issue 1 [pdf].

Here is my blog post about Pip.

If you have read Pip and you are SURE you want the puzzle answers, here are the puzzle answers.