Postcards for Japan – exhibition

Some people from my MA course (including ME), and also some Famous Children’s Illustrators, are having an exhibition of original postcard-sized art in Cambridge the week after next (5th-11th ofSeptember). The postcards will be sold to raise money for Teachers for Japan, a charity set up by teachers after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami to help children in Miyagi prefecture stay in school, and to rebuild damaged schools.

So if you are in or near Cambridge and innerested, go see. If innerested but in or near impossibly elsewhere, go see some of the postcards on the exhibition site. It’s all anonymous but maybe you can recognise my two. This most excellent poster is by Jemima Sharpe who is in my class – how good are those mice?

Postcards for Japan exhibition poster by Jemima Sharpe

One thought on “Postcards for Japan – exhibition

  1. And they both sold, whooo. I liked that, haven’t been in an exhibition since A level. I think quite a lot of money is being raised, lots and lots of the cards are sold already, Becky Palmer made a splendid thing, much plaudits.

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