Cards by me in a shop!

Earlybird – a card company at the forefront of elephant-design, based in a small blue shop in Stoke Newington – has printed 16 cards of my drawings. Some of them were originally birthday cards but most were tiny sketchbook beasts, now enlarged beyond their wildest imaginings. They are 62.5% animal and 31.25% monster.

Cards published by Earlybird designs

6 thoughts on “Cards by me in a shop!

  1. They need to get you on their website too. Growl. The knitting one is pretty good, how do we buy online?

  2. Thankings, no I think they haven’t put new things on their website for a while, but they do apparently sell them in other shops too tho perhaps not in The North. I have a heap tho. That purple monster used to eat christmas dinner and drink red wine but he had to be reformed.

  3. I love that the knitting monster is one of them, he is a favorite. That and the discovery of how duck beaks stretch as they blow out candles.

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